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Fifteen years ago, on the road of arts that were the science to be back, nurture, becoming the plan of life…until now, was become a view of inspiration “art is like media and talk by feel leaded us to imagination unlimited world and truth life deeply.

I myself am not to be immersed or concentrate to something, but means how to consider between the point view and general view in which everyone can understand but overlook it…the work “That’s…time…for Waiting” which was an awareness in art creator that was taken on my study,
observe in while, was inspired to the attitude…way life…as a gold experience and valuable indeed.

Many people thought that “Aren’t there any inspiration to choose this content?”; “I” myself have been here for “wait” and remind…that:

To see something positively in negative view means thing that you think, have only one scene (positive) but it’s impossible, indeed, when the sun shines on the thing surface there will have a shadow on the other surface too,
what is good-bad, who can give me any answer? As someone is difficult from others, truth and intangible will be coincided, or separated apart and defined class between human and human seems to be under society controlled.

“The Women” on my work, are an idea group, they have an interesting job, that job leads them seeking something,
may be happy-sad like the others, as politicians, officers, artist, employees, as the matter of fact, these are working for money altogether.

The unusual which are on the body, as first time seeing, actually, inside their (her) heart, we have to use mind to make sense or touch, in addition, these will be both questions and answers by them (her) in the same time.
They (she) are someone who reflects themselves (herself) the scene of truth likely unusual society now and then.

Amnat Kongwaree
August 2007

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