The Bangkok Art Project 1998 a collaboration by artists from seven Asian countries including seventy-eight artists from Thailand, has been organised as part of the celebrations for the 13th Asian Games being held in Bangkok in December, 1998.

Aiming to bring art to the people, and to explore further the interesting juxtaposition of ancient heritage with contemporary art, the Bangkok Art Project 1998 will see outdoor art decorating streets and communities around historical sites in the old part of Bangkok (Rattanakosin Island) from December 9, 1998 to January 31,1999.

By combining the traditional, classical Thai art and architecture around the capital city with more contemporary artistic expressions, new meaning will be given to the art. People in Bangkok, residents and visitors alike, are being offered a chance to view the art of the present in situ with the past, and some refreshing artistic experiences to ponder as they go about their everyday lives. It is also anticipated that this project will help to break down the barriers and perceived gaps between art/artists and the general public. The process of searching for balance between Thailand's classical heritage and the new creative elements or forces in the society is also a means of reflecting the development of the country.

Inkjet billboards, sculptures and installation art a wide cross-section of artists, including senior nationally-recognised artists, and instructors from academic institutions, as well as more alternative-fringe, independent artists will be exhibited around the capital.

This exciting art project has been make possible through the generous cooperation and support of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), Silpakorn University,all the artists and, in particular, the public who have warmly welcomed the project and contemporary art into their daily lives.