Thai art for much of this century has refleced theinfluence of modern Western culture as well as that of
traditional Buddhist-inspired Thai culture. Thus, the students of contemporary Thai art, were taught not only about Western art, but were also urged to explore their cultural roots for inspiration. The result among contem porary Thai painters is a combination of some works that can clearly by seen as Western but with sign of Thai influence on the one hand and others that are more sincere in nature on the other hand. The work of Thai artist Wattana Wattanapun reflects this duality in particularly forceful and interesting manner. Having lived and worked both in North America and Thailand, he has produced essentially two types of work: one which is essentially Western, but which bears significant traces of the Thai origins of the artist, and the other which is strongly influenced by traditional Thai themes, styles, and materials, but which seeks to explore Thai culture within a global context. The present article surveys the development of Wattana's art and examines his most recent works they reflect this duality.