Prateep Kochabua

After graduation, I had been keen to create the art work like this. But it was just the matter of time that made me stick to routine work assigned by advertising agencies. May be summertime was only the period I could sit in front of the frame of pure arts.

Now I get out of the commercial cycle and have enough time to think and paint what I want to freely fulfill my aspiration. Few years ago, I have done definitely "what I want": painting by watercolor, oil and acrylic paints on canvas or whatever technique even sculpturing as well as wandering outside.

When I travel and stuck on landscape painting, I feel like I am playing the flip side of my performance. I paint that view at my first impression not only on the canvas but also on my mind. Then I come home to sit back and smile with the valuably impressive memories. I have recognized what was going on as I was painting these collective works.

By accident, Rungphan Burutchart came to visit me and saw these series. He said why wouldn't we come together and present how we are impressionists. So I did not hesitate due to the same concept and I felt a sudden desire to reveal another dimension of myself.

That made me sit back and smile again.