Palaces of Lanna by Promma Inyasri
on August 1st-31th, 2000
at The Living Room,Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit Hotel
Promma's current collection is derived from the image of the Palace of a Hindu deity. Indra, whose celestial abode is said to be ornamented with the purest gold and silver.The names of some of the kings of the Ayutthaya Period were synonymous with the Palace of Indra, signifying belief in the divinity of kingship. Promma's works are inspired from the architecture of such Palaces or Loha Prasat, which were prevalent in ancient times, comprising several "storeys" built on a square base under layers of roofs elegantly topped off with precious metals of goldleaf and silver. Such "palaces" served as monasteries where monks occupied on different levels in accordance with their ranks.