One world, One love (june 2000)
Pillow, Sheet, 2 musical hearts

In my work over the past few years, certain themes and ideas have emerged through my practice. Principally the body and the body in society: how bodies interact with each other, and in particular, how bodies are manipulated by our society through the apparatus of the mass media. Secondly the theme of the image: how image are produced and pervade our society reaching into all areas of life; how image making is no longer the reserve of high art and how the barriers between the fields of high and popular culture have melted. These themes led me to the central notion of the regard: I have tried within various works to introduce simple mecanisms that make the spectator aware of their presence and regard as integral to the work. I have attempted to tackle these issues through the use of my own body (and so giving an intimate aspect to the works) in performance as recorded on video, film, audiotape,photography and in drawings, often using these media to construct installations in which hopefully a dialogue is created between the bodies I represent in my works and those of the viewers. Remote control (Doc Nol), a large scale video projection with sound, seems to deal with the body as represented and manipulated on television; Anatomy of a knob jockeyd (Doc No2), a videoed performance manipulated through video, editing tries to deal with male identity and my own difficulty excepting codes of virility. Shoutinge (Doc NO), a straight forward videoed performance of myself shouting until I am unable to carry on, seems to be concerned with the expression of a personal trauma; in its installation form I tried to setup a system of voyeurism in which spectators see other spectators viewing the real and acted pain of somebody on the t.v. screen (Doc NO).Drespite the emphasis I have made on ideas within my work, it almost always begins with a kind of play, playing with the materials and ideas I have, often leading to unexpected results. In more recent works my focus has shifted towards a questioning of what the art object is or might be, and what its contents can be. This shift came about through my questioning whether it was possible or worth while to carry on making images in an image saturated society. This led me to make works such as 8 undeveloped super-8 filmse (Doc NO5) and 610 drawings to put on the wall or note (Doc No6). For the exhibition keep your distanced I shall try and tackle issues of identity exploring my prejudices about Asia and how it is generally perceived in occidentale countries through a sound installation and another small musical piece (Doc NO). I shall also coutinue working with the idea of the content of an art product with a video and sound installation.
Charles Jeffery