I'homme-boite (2000)
Print on canvas
Photo:Supachai Ketkaroonkul
Text: Didier Boone
170 x 90 cm.

Chaotic space attracts the glance of the artists who set it up in the sameway as an envelope shapes the body. They give it a "face". In this respect, Philippe Laleu's localisations constitute a determining place A direct allusion to questions that are raised by the exclusive modernist vision of the world. The one which the modernity engenders is often like a desolate space, without art. From making profit to standardization, the place is destroyed, the man rejected. Gradually, community disappears on behalf of the emergency of many groups with specific identities. Isn't it advisable to relativize the legitimacy of such a cynical vision? Philippe Laleu's work seems to be set up in this direction. By deepening the notion of interaction, he is reviving a world in which we can read History and the traces of the story of men. Visible or invisible. The faces he brings nearer are as many plastic beginnings where we can read future. It is a work whose subject is animated with the strength of a claim. It is a political approach.
D. Boone in "un Monde habitable".