Angus Fairhurst
When I woke up in the morning, the feeling was still there.1996
Size: Unknown
Concept: Angus Fairhurst's portfolio of four screenprints, one of which was previously included in the London Portfolio, are in the form of enlarged postcards with a text message. The images are similar to those in Fairhurst's photographic work, "Man with Dream Colours". The feeling mentioned in the title is represented by the coloured panels which are deliberately mis-registered to suggest the uncertainty of the emotions involved. The separation of the use of colour, to convey emotive content, from the monochrome photography of the man's outward appearance is typical of Fairhurst's analytical approach to the processes of art. Ilis recent works involve computer patterning of imagery from a video being transferred to canvas by professional sign painters. The artist himself is directly involved only as the subject of the original video, and even there his appearance is disguised by a badly made gorilla suit. Removed from the procedures which constitute the work of art, even to the extent of adopting a persona, the artist is still able to give the process an ironically profound significance.