Marc Quinn
Template For My Future Plastic Surgery 1992
Size: Unknown
Concept: Over a period of five months, Marc (Zuinn had extracted systematically from his own body eight pints of blood, the equivalent of his total blood volume. Combined with anticoagulant and antibiotic, this material was them frozen solid in a life cast of the artist's own head and displayed in a refrigeration unit as "Self" 1991. Treading the fine line between life and death, art and life, the work's survival is entirely dependent upon a constant electricity supply. Despite its vulnerability, this work can be interpreted as a bid for immortality: the body's life fluid is normally circulated and renewed but this accumulation is intended to remain in its present form indefinitely. (Zuinn works with imprints of his own body, in latex sheaths, lead casts. They are manipulated and cut, brutalised and altered. His print is related to a sculptural work "Template For My Future Plastic Surgery (Aged 80)" 1992, which involved plaster cast body parts of the artists collaged upon life-size photographs of his naked body. In the print, the artist's body is collaged with the casts of body parts of others: a violinist's car, an impressario's nose, his girlfriend's hand over his heart, a chef's tongue, a coral for a brain. Typically, it questions the relationship between outward appearance and interior psychological state, between body and soul.