The Color of Light
by Ithipol Tangchalok
on May 11th-June 12th,2000
at Surapon Gallery
... Light is a symbol of the pure natural energy that makes all life, growth, change and movement possible. It is also a vibrant expression of the artist's own emotions and state of mind. Whereas in most other works of art in which light is little more than "an empty space," a complimentary element serving to illuminate more important forms, in Ithipol's work, light is the central focus. It represents the life force; it is endless change and movement and not a mere secondary element. In contrast, the trees and leaves which appear have been reduced to simple silhouettes. They are flat and still and occupy a subordinate role in the composition. The pattern of parallel lines which represent light was made using a special tool that resembles a comb. These lines seem to move and flow, pulsing rhythmically across the paper and penetrating every particle of the work. They are a tangible reflection of the relationship that exists between light and form - a relationship that is indivisible and eternal.