I find it interesting to explore into the tradition of reflection upon the death of ancestry. Through the mix-media and photography, which are main media in creating works of art, I would like to do a work with the theme of death and rituals about death. By observing the rites and rituals that pepple in my society doing, I often wonder if the dead will ever know about or benefit anything from their living relatives'practices. Death is still a matter of life's mystery. Despite technological advancement when pepple can defeat most serious illnesses and reach the frontier beyond the earth, we can still neither prove nor decipher the secret of nature; why are we here? Who are we? Where we will have to go in the life after death?

One of the assumptions I found interesting is the rites and rituals of my society and people around me. I think they have served us as the mechanism of psychological purpose of the livings. Things and society's way of living change through time. I have seen the transition of traditional ways of practices that have intergrated with the advent of western culture. The boiled chicken used in the rite of paying respect to the dead as a meal has been replaced with KFC chicken. The desert, which was once comprises boied flour in syrup has been replaced with Oreo cookie. You might find it funny, well, I myself once laughed it off, too.

What interest me are not just the replacement of modern or western food but the changes of the roles of the rituals. After all, it is interesting to think that who the rites are performed to favor or serve; the living or the dead?

I was born in a Thai-Chinese family, which still believe to the spiritual beliefs and paying respect to the deceased. The candles and incense are lit up every time we perform those rituals. Even in Buddhism, the religion my family and I practice, also have similar rites. The serpentine smoke from the incense, the flames from the candlelight, colors from the lamps and some of my familiar beliefs have been used as part of my thinking process and more importantly my works of art.

I first started learning to paint with lights by means of chemical and dark room processes. With an inquiring mind and experimental curiousity, I have tried doing various works by experiments, which I have developed from 1998 to present. Most of my works involve, more or less, photographic approaches with lights playing a leading role. My recent works express the variety of painting, which I tried in different settings, spaces, and objects. There are a number of times when my works was accomplished by the interaction from the audience, the setting and timing. The latest work of mind incorporates some electronic technology to precisely enchance the effect of my conceptualization. Blinking light circuits and motors were adapted to the work to convey my perception of beliefs in the universal truth birth, aging, suffering and death.

The shadows cast by lights from a number of lamps fall upon the audience's imagination causing different perception and views according to their experience and beliefs. Personally, I believe that the context of different settings, "cultures", ideas, times and spaces have been significant in shaping my works and subsequent improvements.

"Cultures", idears, times and spaces have been significant in shaping my works and subsequent improvements.