"The Buddha Recollection" a painting installation, took 2 years for the artist, Roongroj Piamyossak, to complete. This is a set of 50 paintings of Buddha's faces and abstract images. The works are arranged to blend with the space of the exhibition hall and both become an integrated entity which turns into a sacred spiritual space and davotion.
The artist got his inspiration from several ancient temples in the north whose architecture and Buddha images are unique as they are the products of distinctive local craftsmen. The expression on the sculptures reflects the way the creator felt when they executed the images. Roongroj's intention is for the paintings to represent the Lord Buddha's teaching and philosophy. The images of Buddha's faces are different in details. They are painted in two contrasting tones; the dark tone signifies humanity and the white signifies objects and materials, in this case, stucco was used for the Buddha's body parts. The Overall colour of the work is brown, giving the impression of stillness, tranquillity, solemnity and power.