During the early years winners of the competition were awarded honorary medals. In the later events the winners were given medals as well as prize money. There are three levels of awards: first prize gold medal award, second prize silver medal award and third prize bronze medal award. Artists who have won three gold medals, or two golds and two silvers in the same category of creative work, are conferred the title, "Artist of Distinction". All these recognitions have been meant to provide incentives and upgrade the standard of artistic work and their prestige in Thai society.

The National Exhibition of Art has continued to the present day, and artists who are graduates and teachers of the various art institutes, together with freelance artists who pursue their own artistic careers, have taken part in the event. Selection of winners of the competition is undertaken by a jury whose members normally include artists, art specialists and other qualified persons.

Art exhibition of "10 Artists of Distinction" 2000 which was celebrated the memorial of Professor Silpa Bhirasri. In this occasion, Silpakorn University present his birthday as exhibition opening on September 15th.