Several of human inner-driven desires inspire various kinds of human behavior. It is inadmissible that the source of power of such desires emerges from human thougnts and feeiings which are affected by the aroused surroundings experienced in each individual.
Human, therefore, want to "do" or "be" something to react to their own internal-driven desires.
Provided that human's wants and desires are influenced and somewhat overridden by the external pressures, it is, then, inevitable that human must struggle against themselves to serve their desires, especially when they suffer from fai ure and disappointment, the very first step to prove human's value. Even when desires are satisfied, human also needs to struggle against themselves in order to be able to leave it too.
"Human needs to learn how to overcome the sufferings as well as not to attach with the lures and be able to leave it."
The said statement guides to "an equilibrium of life", the equivalence between a certa n leve of suffering on a vulnerable life stage and happiness of being enlightened in a formless world. The equilibrium of life enlightens humanity through the ability to watch the world with real understanding and to let things happen without being attached to any particular form.
Suffering and happiness in each individual create pattern of behaviors either based on watching with understanding or struggling to attain desires on a life stage, the so called "staging".
A proper mean to determine the equilibrium between watching and staging is of the consequence of action
known as "Karma" . Karma determines when and how should human's equilibrium of life be realized.
The consequence of actions are as "medicine" that could either "stimulate" or "stop" the process of inner-driven desires.
"Stimulate" to struggle on the stage for the desires.
"Stop" to be enlightened and watch with understanding.
Three of us have experienced the spiritual injury from the heat of internal-driven desires
The use of works, which we perceive as the consequence of actions, as an internal stimulator deemed to be the only one best solution that can stop this vicous process. The external pressure, of, the surroundings, stimulates our inner-driven desires which actively influence our imaginations poured over the canvas (The stage).
Such pressure which however directed and overridden us, for example the fluence of society, economics, politics, cultures, religion, etc., affected human on both dark and bright sides via the source of lure, dream, love, thoughts, faith, and up until fear, hate, anger, greedy, jealousy, and depression.
The power of struggling in and inconsistency between human's external and internal conditon persuade human to struggle against themselves to reach the equilibrium of life sufficient to be enlightened with understanding, not to be killed on the life stage.
We expect (desire) that these works would more or less be as the "medicine" that could stimulate both of our and your inner-driven desires process to be able to realize that human being (including us all) need to realize them as soon as possible in order that we could watch and understand the world without loosing our spiritual balance in the battle field of desires.

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