An installation deals with a psychology of Thailand's contemporary culture.
It is a survey of how people live their lives, with despair, frustration, and
then make an attempt to survive despite the uncertainty of their political,
economical and culturally hybrid situation. Dilemma is a metaphor for how
people are forced to make decisions, without any guidance. Kamol explores
how Thai people seek their alternatives, from the western life style, such as
going to see the psychiatrist. They tend to chose the traditional way, possibly
superstitious way and see a fortune teller instead.

The installation will be divided into two parts. On the first floor of Project 304,
the interior will be designed as a living room to provide audiences who come
to see the fortune teller a comfortable atmosphere, with coffee, drinks, tables,
couch and video works (about travelling scenes in Beijing, Tokyo and Stockholm).
The second part of the upstairs gallery will consist of the dark room, with black
light. On the wall, there will be flowers with an artificial scents. In the middle of
the room, two tables are placed with a glittering reflective leather surface.
A fortune teller will sit at this table, waiting for the 'audience' who signs up to see
him/her at the specific time. On the wall, there will be an image of an eclipse,
with sound.

Publication 2001 Exhibitions