History Class (Thanon Ratchadamnoen)
By Sutee Kunavichayanont

Work's title: History Class
Concept : The good old days.
Somebody's cherished plot which becomes a history.
Memories selectively forgotten and retained.
An attempt to connect the obscured days of the past to manufacture a present.

Fourteen ordinary classroom desks made of wood have been engraved with words and pictures from modern Thai political history. From the democratic struggles of Ror Sor 103 in Rama V's reign and Nai Tienwan, the revolution of 24 June 1932, through the fascist years under Field Marshall Pibulsonggram, the 14th and 6th October events, down to the horrors of Black May 1992.
Viewers are invited to participate in the exhibition by laying a piece of paper on a desk and, with the use of a pencil, making an easy print from the engraved desktop (like stone-rubbing or brass-rubbing). Repeat the process on all the desktops or any specific one of your choice, and you will have souvenir prints with a bit of history to take home.
In the process, each viewer gets to make his or her own copy of the history lesson, which can be made unique by individual rubbing techniques and choice of colours or even by making up new compositions.
This 'History Class' was originally conceived as part of the Pridi Bhanomyong Centenary celebrations last year, and first took place at the Democracy Monument.