Horror in Pink
Concept and photographs by Manit Sriwanichpoom
Pink Man performed by Sompong Thawee
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Q: What did they die for?
A: So we can go shopping.
How shocking when, Iast year, more than a million voters elected Samak Sundaravej their new governor of Bangkok. I was flabbergasted. Was not this the same Samak who back in October 1976 went on radio to urge that brute force be used against prodemocracy protesters, in the events that culminated in the most horrifying massacre in Bangkok history?
I asked myself: Has everyone forgotten? Does 'October 6' mean nothing to us now? Do we even care? Have we learned nothing from history?
Because of this, I don't think it would be too much for me to hold that 'Pink Man' stands for present day Thailand. While out shopping. the man in the obscene pink satin suit with a matching obscene pink shopping cart - a soulless man without a conscience to trouble him amuses himself by joining the ogling crowd in news photographs of unimaginable cruelty from the May Massacre and events of 14 and 6 October. My, he's really getting his rocks off. How he enjoys himself.