Behind the Painting

A portrait is a painting that represents a personal image through one's face and character. This exhibition presents portraits of remarkable individuals with strong intentions of the painter to express his respect and admiration. Their ways of life for him are prototypes that deliver great value to this country and the world such as Preedee Panomyong, Professor Puay Eueng-Pakorn and Buddha thas. Some pieces are created by the painter's pleasure with a little humor like the naked Mona Lisa with tattoo of " Leonardo Da Vinci " (fashion of the new millennium) on her shoulder. Some others are " I wish to be Uncle Van Gough " and " I think I am Picasso ".These paintings do not mean to ridicule any Art ancestor, however it is the painter' s personal favourite as a normal man, with courtesy and Spiritual minds, special Artist guests also come & join by bringing in their own portraits in unique style. They are the colour fragrance and violin lover Naeb Sothiphun,Yodchai Meksuwan the all time movie star with his sculpture, Riharn Opas Thailand's famous sculptor(apeerofMichelangelo), Vasan Sitthiket senior artist who never gets tired of work ( in erotic ways ) and " Note" Udom Tae-Panich the fun young artist who helps us forget the economic crisis by creating humour.

These portraits are not like ordinary paintings, They come from the inner feelings of the artists.

Hongjorn Sa-ne- ngamjaroen
July 25, 2001