Since the primitive time, Rice has been a main dish in Thai, Menu and it seems like a part of the agricultural society. Rice is not only a part of a meal but it reflects the style of Thai, folk-life also. Moreover, It spreads the influence over the belief and culture. The Cycle of production of rice starting from growing to harvesting always depends upon the nature and this is a part of the attitude, The Value and the living pattern of the oriental and Thai people.

In the present time, the capitalism and the free trading system gradually changes the attitude, The Value and the belief of Thai people on rice. A Thai farmer, who is called "The Backbone of the country" always confronts the repetitive obstacles which have never been got rid of. If Thai farmers were the backbone of the country, They would be the rotten backbone. The cycle of poor farmers is to loan more and more. They can't pay the debt because the price of rice in the market always lows. Thai farmers cannot adapt and follow the free trading system in the world market.

Western people understands the importance and the value of rice; therefore, they are trying to get the most benefit on rice in the world market by setting up any rules the most benefit on rice in the world market by setting up any rules and regulations. Thai people have to perform their roles in accordance with the rules and regulations set by the western country. The registration of a new rice species in 2001 is an example of the regulation, which is gradually entering to Thai culture without notice.

Anurak Chatanan