1st Prize Awards
Rodel T Garcia
Deconstruction, Mixed media, 150 x 150 cm.

When I first learned about the competition's theme "Playground of Your Imagination", one thing quickly came into my mind, the family. It is because of these two reasons: first, I have read Plato's dialogue "The Republic", where in the abolition of family was discussed. I didn't like the idea most specifically when he mentioned of the separation of the mothers from their children. Second, I notice that it seems that the essence of family is gone. Father, mother, and children closely knit, united and full of love and understanding. Instead of those ideals, the irony rises today. Misunderstanding between couples offen lead to marriage break-ups. Most parents have lost quality time for their children and it attributes unfavourable conditions and more. The negative points mentioned about family urged me to do something positive about family. For the parents and the children should together trace life's long journey united in harmony and love. It is from the experience of togetherness where they find out survival, how to live a just and humane life. My work depicts unity of people, women and men, young and old building the image of the family. It is obvious that the rendition is childlike because it seems to me that the family fills in the lives of people. As defined, the family is the basic unit of the society; it is where good citizens are molded. The colour implies strength, understanding and love for all.