Pichit Tangcharoen
Things around us are all connected to life and they have meaning for life. Several are precious in terms to beauty and virtue. Being able to "recognize" and "explore" would help distinguishing things that are valuable from things that are worthless. Recognition,discovery and understanding are means to reach to divinity, which influences the positive attitude for living. This positive attitude is significant for the expression through art or it is to say, art can represent one's life.
"Lotus pond", a piece of work shown in this exhibition, is inspired by the picturesque lotus pond normally seen in many areas. This magnificent scene should undoubtedly blossom in human soul. However, it appears that the opposite side reveals the dissatisfaction caused by the environment of the city such as noise pollution and the harsh form and structure of buildings. The dissatisfaction here resembles the feeling of loss in ones soul.The beauty of nature before ous eyes, therefore, seems like the imperfect beauty. Recognition, discovery and understanding would certainiy help finding the value of beauty and virtue that is important for our soul.
2001 Exhibitions