Amongst general public group, the quality of the sculptures, is interesting. Artists' creative ideas are brilliant. It might be because this year, PTT allows the artist to think of the positive side of the beauty; therefore, such creations, were full of artistic value giving pleasure to viewers and more freedom. The award-winning painting contains beauty and happiness of the Northern land which has given personal fulfillment as well.
As for the graphic work or mixed media, there are many interesting pieces such as a number of prints which are extraordinary large. These works have the same values as paintings. The right scale combined with perfect technique has improved its quality.
In the youth's level, there are also many stunning pieces. The children shown lifestyle of farmers and the buddhist, temples, monks as well as the lives in the temple which is beyond our expectations. The artwork featuring Thai living style, farming, chicken farm and livestock signifies that Thai people cannot turn their back against these careers. To them, self-sufficient agriculture still exists in Thai society and that is the reason why agriculture is on their minds which is interesting.
Moreover, children have seen the environmental problem. A number of winning pieces are about environment, implying a reminder of the precaution measure for our beautiful country. How to preserve the environment is a point of view of the children under 8 years oId.
The artists between 14 to 17 years oId division, have remarkably improved their skills. The portrait of the late Phra Buddhadasa Bhikkhu is quite exquisite. It is a fact that Thai children are not only skillful but aIso creative.

Vichok Mukdamanee