Isarn and Laos Artistry - United Exhibition

300 pieces of work of art in various and unique styles by 75 North East Thai and 20 Laos artists are exposed to public.

Paintings, Sculpture, mixed media, photography and others by many famous artists : Thavee Janekajorn, Suwit Sathidvidyanand, Ittiporn Tong-Innate, Teerawat Kanawa, Kietkaroon Tongpromrat, Jarun Chaipratoom, Phanchai Kheawrayap, Wicharn Hirunkerd, Smarn Sangthon, Khamsouk
Keomingmuang, Kongpat Luanrgrath, Mong Kham, Kanha Sikounnavong and etc.
This is not a mere art exhibition. It is also aimed to deveop arts and culture of the Mekhong river region, Lao PDR and Thailand. Many organizations are behind like most of the N.E. Unversities and cultural centers, the ministry of foreign affairs of Thailand, the government of Lao PDR and Thai-Lao Association.
2001 Exhibitions