Human beings, animals, things and nature are simple for common feelings. The simplicity of these things, when carefully contemplated, shows sensitivity and diversity in both concrete and abstract forms that have reasons, are all related and are based on the philosophy of "nature and life".
Lines on paper are records of "Human beings, Animals, Things, and Nature". Drawings repeatedly over 100 simple forms on paper is breathing mindfully.
In recording these things, I intend to show the differences that are similar and the similarities that are different. The details of similarities are the differences, whereas the details of the differences are the similarities. The same kind of flowers, when viewed superficially, look the same. But when looked at carefully, they are different. This is true with human beings, animals, things which at first glance may look similar or the same.
Human beings, animals, things and nature are things we take for granted and therefore can not gain great philosophy of life that is important through them. Life exists with differences. But like a journey, it has the beginning, the continuity, and the end. This is the cycle of life that has the similarities that are different and vice versa.

2002 Exhibitions