CatalogueArt Centre, Silpakorn University has originally established Thai Artists Supporting Project in the objective of happening various artwork creation called "A program to Honor Thai Artists of Distinction"...Silpa Bhirasri Creativity Grants 2001 in which has formally organised the Judging
Committee to consider and select 7 awarded artists who have superior and different capacities in continual artwork creation as an acceptance of both national and international.
PosterAfter all considerations, it's a conditional offer that 7 awarded artists have 1 year of continous creating their own valuable artworks as 50 pieces of national art and culture treasures and later its will off icially stage an exhibition to the public and will also publish the catalogues and CD ROM by an aim of art academic publication.
Of course, the main purpose of this fund is to sincerely encourage all the artists having self-confidence and fully furnished in their own creation, in a meanwhile, there is an artistic analysis and research to present all advancements of various artwork creating methodologies by which its be useful directly to the field of art academic in the future....

Assoc.Prof.Vichok Mukdamanee
Director of Art Centre, Silpakorn University