Work : Anthurium in Vase Anthurium in Vase, 2001
Oil on canvas
100x80 cm.
The one who has fueled my perseverance in and devotion to arts was Prof. Silpa Bhirasi. Having his teach ings and sacrifice at heart, I have never stopped paint ing. For better or worse, I just caught every opportunity to practice even if a lot of my works were unfinished. And so my artistic skill had advanced before I was aware of it. My experimental painting with different tools until even
turning a tuft of grass into a simple invention of painting brush could add a variety to the stereotype. Although to paint what one sees is another way of instant mood expressions, it would be far better to also put the process of thinking at work.
The more one practices, the better finesse he gains. As a recognized artist possessing good basics on painting, sculpture and graphic arts, my paradigm was shifted to trial and error in arts. Since the the matic uniformity failed me, the substance of my works has always varied. For me, the paintings for the Silpa Bhirasi's Awards record the local landscape and lifestyle in the remote areas that are characteristic of the ambience, surroundings as well as living condition in villages that I have really experienced over a decade. The nature's free forms: clouds, sky, trees, mountains, people, houses, daily work, etc. have inspired me to capture the emotion, feeling and local culture. They should remind the public and art aficionados of the national identity and pride of the original artworks that are internationally acclaimed and elaborately created by Thai artist.