Work : Greedy
Greedy, 2002, Mixed media, 75x100 cm.
Tawee Ruchaneekorn was born in Ratchaburi, of course he has endless fascinated in art from his childhood. Thus, after his graduation in the Faculty of Painting and Sculpture at Silpakorn University, he was an art lecturer at NorthEastern Fine Arts College until his retirement.
In 1961, he joined with the group of artists, for instance; Damrong Wong-Uparaj, Pichai Nirand, Praphan Srisouta, I nson Wongsam and Thawan Dachanee establishing "Makkasan Group" as an aim of their exhibition.
After his retirement, he has regularly created a large number of artworks in an intangibles style and its expressed to the politics, social and prostitute problems including a metal and local materials in apperance of sculpture.
His creative artwork under Silpa Bhirasri Award has main concept of "Human" to cause feeling of impression in shape and a constituent of behaviors in which is expressed in goodness, badness, beauty, ugliness, compassion and cruelty.