Work : Organic Form Organic Form, 2001
120x120x240 cm.
During the past 3 - 4 years of creating sculptures depicting my personal impression of Dharma and Buddhist belief by using multimedia such as air-filled plastic, barbed wire and metal to represent the pure spirit, my works included the series of aired pagoda and pink greed that denoted the egocentric materialists and the meditation that was engaged in the pure white mind, and the collection of big to small triangular plastics in the form of a tunnel with light at its end where the meditation existed.
The concept of life cycle and nirvana was the succession in which the fish symbolized the preliminary birth of any existence originated in water whereas the hub signified the attempt to attain nirvana, the state that would end the cycle of rebirth.
Then arrived the idea to articulate three-dimensional forms out of a single square plane. The idea on transformation was implied by the process of perforating fish profiles on the material, then separating, re-assembling and grouping the cut parts,
all derivatives from the same single square plane.
I wish to represent the impermanence, change as well as time so that viewers will find the path to overcome all suffering. In my opinion, once viewers perceive the past, present and future change of appearance or birth and rebirth in life cycle, they must find the way to enlightenment by freeing themselves from the true and untrue nature of forms, or from the shape of space and the genuine forms of these same elements, Or the truth is untrue and the untruth is true. Forms are space and
vice versa. All is segregated from a single plane. Therefore, do not attach to the self because everything is ruled by illusion.