Work : Moon's Window Moon's Window, 2001
65x30x7 cm.
In 1990, sitting in the bus to revisit my aima mater in Bangsan, I saw grass weeding out by fire from both roadsides of the Bangna - Trad highway. I remembered that some areas had been charred. Several days later, on my way back to Bangkok, I found that a few days after the rain, the blacken ground had been stitched, here and there, with seedlings whose tufts of tiny little streaks of fresh green against the dark soil struck my fancy. With scanty verdure on some parts, the contrast of extension was so impressive that it reminded me of the propagating
from seed as well as other means of reproduction. So this collection was inspired and phased as follows:
In the beginning, the concept was based on flora propagation such as from shoots, leaf cuttings, offset tubers, etc. Figuring out later that the original idea could not deliver the aesthetical aspect as much as expected, I associated the thriving with the propagating and the basic form of propagating from seed was discerned. More time was taken to observe the seedlings' self-development through their thriving and growing process, the unique and most breathtaking beauty of the nature. To date, my works of art have been characterized by the same inspiration...