Work : Mysterious Connection 8/02
Mysterious Connection 8/02, 2002, Oil on canvas, 165x200 cm.
Supot Singhasai has been painting since 1987. After graduating from the Department of Applied Arts, Silpakorn University, he pursued his study in the Faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Arts. His early creation featured family ties, including his grandmother, the most beloved and attached person in his life. Also presented were objects, household utensils and points of view that he had
experienced in the old days while colors and textured surfaces brought viewers back to the peacefulness, mystery and reminiscence of Thai people's pleasant way of life.
Under the Silpa Bhirasi's sponsorship, Supot worked on the theme of The Mysterious Relationship following the Mystery of Religion and Life in 1994. The
artist talks about the concept: The belief in sacredness and mystery has been cultivated according to Thai living lifestyle, surroundings and experiences. Once inspired, I visualized the painting exhibition on mysteries derived from the past to present funeral rites. As an integral part of Thai life, religious rituals
have involved in every state of life, from womb to tomb or from birth, ill condition and towards death, the ultimate phase of the existence.