Work : Farmers of dreams 2
Farmers of dreams 2, 2002, Etching, 23.2x25 cm.
Simplified by usual practices imposed by the need to live a harmonious life in the natural environment, the living conditions of Thai rural community infused its
members with family love, intimacy and sense of warmth that were diffused further into villages. To lead a simple life, be self-satisfied, happy and free of worry, lend a hand to one another, all has become Thai village customs infiltrating into local people's bloodstream. Born in this milieu, I experienced this social culture while growing up and learning life lessons. Identifying myself with the mentioned society and culture, I wish to express the essence of my impression in the form of graphic arts.
Inspired by the identification with the rural culture, I wish to interpret my feeling by means of graphic arts that represent the warmth, satisfaction of one's possession, interdependence in the family institution, together with the village's social conditions, Thai culture and traditions. The principal forms are traced from objects, household utensils, plants and local products while other forms of man-made tools and devices locally used in daily life are also included but organized into the composition conforming to my personal perception in order to symbolize the emotion and feeling influenced by the mentioned cultural life in the upcountry.