About the exhibition
I have chosen 'HUMAN' as the theme of my sculptural work. The story of 'humanness', the physical and emotional posture of both womankind and mankind, is a worthwhile yet endless study. The human body is very interesting because without speaking a word its actions and mannerisms can reveal specific meaning, My attempt has been to make these figures poised to show their meaning. Some of the pieces may look larger and more massive than ordinary human scale as inspired by the unique proportions of the material. The wood of which the sculptures are made is weathered by the heavy tasks for which they were once used. Now abandoned, the various shapes and sizes hint at the wood's past occupations as rice barges, carts and railroad ties. Selection and shaping of the wood was crucial. Khun Saiyart and I have tried to keep the original shape and character of the wood as much as possible. We have also avoided cutting the wood into small
pieces. With this concept, the value of the old wood is retained. The sculptures and furniture in this exhibition have a natural look, expressing both my emotions and the authenticity of the material. I have designed the furniture as well as the sculptures with the sense of an artist, not of an architect, an interior designer or a businessman. The sculptures and furniture were not intended to serve ordinary functions efficiently, but instead, we would like for them to be appreciated as works of art.
Nithi Sthapitanonda

Wood is a natural element that for all time has lived rooted in the earth, Personally I believe that the human, as well is a product of the soil. I therefore feel a binding between wood and human that has inspired me to create many wooden pieces through the past ten years, Working with Khun Nithi is one of the most gratifying experiences of my life. Khun Nithi and I have a similar perspective on the arts. We hope that the younger generation of children and students will study our work and discover the benefits of collaboration between an architect and a craftsman, I would like our work to be broadly appreciated and recognized by people who perceive the value and the meaning crafted into it, These sculptures inspire a recollection of the old substance that the wood possessed as an important part of nature. These sculptures and furnishings can be called 'translations' because the idea to create them originates and relies on the expression of the wooden material. My task has been to bring the value of the material to light. Simply choosing the used material to be re-born as artwork requires imagination and innovation. Selecting the appropriate pieces of wood to fit Khun Nithi's design was challenging.
As a result of our collaboration, the work reveals a mixture of both of our imaginations. These sculptures arts full of emotion for us, we hope you discover this emotion and add more of your own.
Saiyart Semangern
2002 Exhibitions