I cannot deny the time in art. Time plays an important role in the interpretation of individuals paintings as the method of its interpretation. A work of art represents a period of time. It is a time between the beginning of the creative artistic feeling and its completion. Develop a work of art is to really understood what happens inside of us. We could not simply avoid or deny that feeling, but we have to dead with it by absorbing and homogenizing it into its hearts. When we open our mind realized that there are many questions to pursue and answer. This artwork is not just a style but it is a specific meaning to explain a variety of understanding and feelings existence.

Concept of video work
My artwork has been exhibited through video 3 times since the year 2000. The first two works were "Japanese Complain" and "Peeping" respectively. The present work, "Hope". Depicts my expression with regard to human beings: we all hope for good luck in life. Participating in the lottery is just one example. In Thailand, this is done with fervor and people tend to concentrate on the spinning wheel of possible fortune. In reality, however, amounts are gained by limited numbers only. It is my point of view that, in modern time, luck is department on someone's competence: ability, capability and perseverance are the present determinants. The repetitive numbers (some memorable) and the interrupted sound in HOPE stand for the contemporary spinning wheel.

Down Turn
The broadcasting of down turn which is a hope of another class in Thai society, however it showed the last hope and against the fear in the mind of people today. Although it is a very tiny hope.