The Countryside
I'm obliged to make journeys to Isan often
Therefore, I have a chance to touch
The remote countryside of Isan
To feel-the reality of rumor
About those abandoned villages of Isan
Abandoned from modernization and technology
Because there are only old folk and children,
Isan, thus, lacks of hope
Anyhow.... Truly enchanted
By mysterious way of communication,
Those villages relate the simple tale
The way of life harmonizing with the nature
Originated from aridity of the land,
And sounds that cannot be heard
Of the mourning song
Of solitude
Through me

As the way of life of the land, easy and simple,
I, therefore, express by using the same old way aesthetics, direct and simple,
Without being filtrated by contemporary flow of the art world

Niti Wattuya

2002 Exhibitions