Bangkok, Thailand.
An exhibition of paintings by Thai artist, Somneuk Huangtanapar, will be on display at Frank and Si-am Art Space from July 6th through the 31st. The exhibition, "Mobius", comprises 30 abstract works in oil, and acrylic on canvas that look to the natural world as a source of inspiration.

For his first Bangkok solo exhibition, 32-year-old Somneuk Huangtanapan, a graduate of Silpakorn University and the Academy of Art College, San Francisco, CA, otters works that recall the classic abstract expressionist mode of painting while simultaneously expressing the artist's own personal voice. His crisp, lucid canvases boast strong colours and bold shapes that communicate an abstract sensory experience as well as hold symbolic significance. Inspired by the seasonal shifts experienced during his studies in of San Francisco and the disparate urban environments of Bangkok and northern California, his paintings express his own intimate observations of the different settings. Buoyant hues celebrate the pleasures of spring, while deeper grays and browns show the bleakness of winter. Warm reds and vibrant earth tones radiate the heat of summer and lush greens exude the freshness of after-rain air. Somneuk's theme of seasonal changes isn't just romantic cliche, but embed a larger significance. The crisp canvases also pertain to observations of issue beyond the immediately personal. Weather cycles, much akin to our life cycle, symbolize.a deeply human experience His bold, abstract pictorial fields conjure not only environments but emotions and perceptions as well. The artist also comments on the inescapable similarity of the human experience, regardless of place or season. Although departing in colour, shape, and tone, Somnuek's compositions share a similar arrangement. Like the mobius from which has just one continuous side despite the two-sided illusion, emotions and thoughts also remain essentially similar heedless of weather conditions or nation of residence. Akin to the changing seasons, which differ on in atmospheric conditions rather than any shocking transformations of the physical landscape, the human experience also retains the same essence regardless of environment.

2002 Exhibitions