Woman's Bodies: A Celebration

This travelling exhibit is both a celebration of life and a partnership in creativity.

This celebration privileges the very fount of life - a woman's body. The subject of the artworks included in the exhibit is the woman's body rendered in various states and emotions. Joyous and pained, shackled and free, inhibited and liberated - both physical body and inner consciousness are portrayed through the elements of color, line, shape, texture and space.

And like most celebrations, this creative endeavor gathers a diverse community of artists to partake in the festivity of rending the Woman as subject. Different sectors of society forged a modest partnership to realize this project. Female and male artists contributed their works make this travelling exhibit truly representative of the emerging feminist consciousness in the visual arts community. Local government units and non-government offices pitched in their resources so the artworks could reach out to a broader audience. Feminist activists tapped new allies in the advocacy for women's issues and concerns.

As this exhibit travels through many towns and cities all over the archipelago, it also hopes that it will open new journeys for its participants and potential audience.
For the participating artists, taking the woman as subject has been an inner journey marked by introspection. For the woman artists, the journey took them to inner spaces where they affirmed how their bodies become open instruments of connection with the world. For the male artists, the journey took them to new territories where they are obliged to be sensitive to the women who make up their lives and their community.