The Rationale of the Project
This project aims at propagating knowledge and understanding about art to Santi Asoke Community. It also can solve the problems of the artists in Thailand. The Thai artists have encountered with many problems such as inadequacy of art galleries and limited group of audiences. Only few groups of people pay attention to the art exhibitions whereas the others rarely are interested in it. So this project is one of the alternatives for the artists to exhibit their works in order to boost a number of audiences and to build a pure relationship between the artists and the audiences.
In this project, the artists create the pure works of art for educational purpose not business purpose. Moreover, it aims to change the old attitude toward the art. It is believed that art is too complex for normal people to comprehend. But intact, all human beings were born with inside aesthetics that enable them to
understand and appreciate art if they have opportunities and time to do so. This project provides opportunities for people in Santi Asoke Community to see the art exhibition at their community. So they will be able to learn the different techniques employed by artists in creating their works. This will stimulate their imagination and creativeness to create their own arts. Furthermore, when people at many ages look at the art together, they will exchange their ideas and attitudes about art which differs from each other according to their experiences. This situation rarely occurs in our daily lives.
In addition, the art that relate to their daily lives will effect on their attitudes and broaden their views
of the community.

Why Santi Asoke has been chosen to be the host of his project.

This project will be held at Santi Asoke Community. The starting point of this project is because the community impresses us a lot during observing and working there. This community has its own identity and strength. Unlike people in another community, people in this community rely themselves on Buddhism strictly. Thus, we decide to do the art projects that inspire by social current of the community. The essential of this art project is creating
art as the part of Santi Asoke society as if art is not only considered the need and sensibility of the artists but also the
meaning of folklore and way of the community life.

The feature of the Project
This project involves exhibition and seminar. The exhibition exhibits the works of art that narrates their daily lives of people and the environment in Santi Asoke Community. In addition, the seminar on art and Santi Asoke community will be provided as well.

The works of art
Paintings, sculptures, printings, mixed media and contemporary arts depict the artist' feelings toward this community.

The Project Schedule
November 2001 Planing and finding location
January - March 2002 Creating the works of art
April 2001 Installing the works of art
May 2002 Publishing the brochures
June 2002 Exhibiting the works
The Expected Results
1. The artists succeed in propagating the pure art knowledge to Santi Asoke Community.
2. The works of art have positive influences on people in the community.
3. People in the community exchange their ideas and attitudes about art between themselves and the artists.
4. People who want to learn about art gain knowledge and understand the role of art in their community and society.
5. The artists exchange their ideas with each other which will lead to their cooperation in creating the works of art in the future.
Note : The schedule is subject to be changed according to the agreement of the members of the project.

1. Vichoke Mukdamanee
2. Amrit Chusuwan
3. Sutee Kunavichayanont
4. Lukkana Kunavichayanont
5. Wijit Apichatkriengkrai
6. Dounghatai Pongprasit
7. On-anong Glinsiri
8. Piseat Popis
9. Sirinit Derujijarern
10. Kongsak Gulglangdon
11. Songchai Buachum
12. Ronnaphop Teachawong
13. Penkae Pengya
14. Anusorn Siripin
15. Wannikar Thumavichin
2002 Exhibitions