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On The Path to Freedom

Is it necessary for us to always comprehend phenomena from a different perspective from that of our experience?
The heart of the matter is what your choice is between picking it up and pushing it away from you.
And is it possible for us to abolish all the differences in the world relying upon the power of our thought, with its many limitations, in order to bring equality into being?
If I draw a line out of millions of lines in my heart, that is reasonable enough as a presentation.
There is a difference between thought and its expression.
To design shapes as I see fit with a strong will, and without any fear and conflict in my heart, results in shapes that always lead me to confront the unknown.
The creation of shapes, colors or shades in my paintings arises from certain rules from my experience.
All the reasons coming from my Buddhist conception make the symbols that appear in my work remain to a large extent founded upon local thoughts.
I have kept watch on myself countless times. When the summer of 2002 arrived, I have realized that there are certain rules I have to accept. Of course, these cannot be seen from a superficial eye.
For what purpose do artists create works of art, and there a buming faith in their hearts? Money, fame, pressure, love, tension, conflict, autonomy, fear, desire, or ambition, can these be described at all?
Please back away from right and wrong for a moment and reflect as you like in silence. I am not leading you to any magical wonders in my artistic pieces.
As for me, art has taught me of the greatness of others, and in the same instance has told me to be aware of the sacred faith that must live on continuously upon the path of life and the path of freedom
And what about you?

Tawatchai Somkong
Rum Peng, Chiang Mai