Pongsatuch Uaikiang name his first Solo Exhibition as 'The Journey into Self Balancing' which quite as an abstract. It has not specified the exact meaning of 'Journey' nor what, is 'Balancing'. Whether it is a physical move (ex. to walk, to run, to creep, or to travel by plain, etc.) or it is abstract analogy of life or soul.

To be sincere in devising or working on artistic can also be 'journey of abstract'.

The Physically Self-Balancing normally means to the separation or quantities distributed for an object to its symmetry, for example, to equalising the weight of the scale. For putting all the elements in order of balancing, it has to allocate factors that could be the some or conflict both, in the same picture to be together peacefully. In which the most effective way is to set the distinctive point at the centre and set aside, right and left equally balance.

Wish the 'Journey into Self Balancing' of Pongsatuch Uaiklang, this time, will be succeeded by establishing the Balancing through the 'Appearance' of the result of his work. Also brought us the Balancing between the artistry livelihood and the artistry live works.

Sutee Kunavichayanont
May 9th, 2002
Department of the Theory of Arts, Faculty of Painting Sculpturee and Graphic Arts,
Silpakorn University