Red Beauty "Carmen"
138x98 cm.
Oil, water colour, ink on paper
Title : Red Beauty "Carmen"

Today's morning is as fresh as it was yesterday. Coffee smells as good as it did yesterday. There is nothing exciting much news in Thairath; political news section repeatedly reports the same old news just like what it did yesterday.

I have tired to make what I always do things today different from what I did them yesterday; however, I have never accomplished those at all. The phone rings, and I surely know who is calling and what he is going to say. 'What are you going to do today?" is the first word that this guy, an artist and a friend of mine, always says. If he did now call me now, I would probably call him and state the same statement that I already mentioned yesterday, which would be "Is there anything new, interesting, or exciting today?" It is just so freaking repetitive.

It is now 11.on a.m., which is the time that I am about to start painting. I try not to do the same painting style that I did yesterday. For today, I am doing the "Bonnard"style. I will use "Egon" style for tomorrow, and for the day after tomorrow, the "Gustav Klimt" will be my painting technique. I try to draw it in the way that I like. However, it will eventually gradually circulate and turn into the same style that I just used yesterday.

I think I should be an artist. Let's think about this. Is there anyone, who spends a lot of time repeatedly painting picture and is even not sure whether he will have a better output or not. This is the worst part.

I must absolutely be an artist. I am so sure about this because of beloved painting stuff, not mentioning that all, including swinging emotion, self-dependency, impulsiveness, understandable difficulty, etc, are in me. Uhmm. I might be an artist. Yeah.... l am probably an artist. That is my impetuous conclusion, but yesterday, I already had this thought!!!!!!.

Sakwut Wisesmanee
Red is Red
70x55 cm., Oil on canvas
Title : Red is Red

Title : Brown Mood Brown Mood
100x130 cm., Oil on canvas