Title : Aviator Aviator
Acrylic on canvas
70x80 cm.

4 pm. : Tuesday 17 September 2002
I drove back home to Hua Hin. It's 200 kilometers far from Bangkok and takes 2.5 hours on the road. The rain was showering.--On the way back home, I kept thinking about so many things. I pictured myseif--running along the coast with my niece and nephew last time I was home...While I was listening to the musical tune, it came one love song sung by a woman. The Iyric is so meaningful, combined with the powerful, heart-touching voice. Out of no where, I felt appreciate tears running down. I flashed back to the early this year, I lost both my grandma and grandpa together at the same time because of their elderly ages... I recalled the day I drove to Udon Thani to making a merit for my grandparents. During the six-hour trip, my mind wandered to the good old days spending with my grandparents. Before I drove back, I plucked a part of cactus from my grandpa's house and brought it along with me to Bangkok. Then I grew it in the sand box putting on the balcony. The cactus grows up and beautifully puts out branches. I felt that my grandparents are so closed to me.

10 pm.: Sunday 22 September 2002 I drove from Hua Hin heading back to Bangkok. The rain was drizzling all the way. The weather was so moist and cold. I pictured my mother sewing little pieces of cloths together making them into a big two-meter cloth a playground for my niece and nephew to roll on.

4 pm. : Thursday 26 September 2002 I stretched up the cloth sewed by my mother on the very big frame. It's already look like a piece of work. I took time taking a look at the patches on the cloth, wondering how my mother felt while she was making this patchwork. I still couldn't figure it out what should I draw on this frame.

7 am : Sunday 29 September 2002 It's was raining outside and I hadn't slept yet. I felt so lonesome! The woman I love is now going abroad. And the rain has fallen so often this week. These things made me feel more lonely. I was staring at the rain while my mind wandered everywhere. I called my mother in Hua Hin, telling her I missed tasting her delicious cuisine "Gang Liang Hua Plee". She told me to go back home and she would cook for me. My mother made me feel better. She empowered and encouraged me to move on. I was again standing and staring at the frame with the patched cloth voila ! I knew what I'm going to draw.......

Thaweesak Srithongdee

My Way
Acrylic on canvas
150x200 cm.
Title : My Way

Title : The Power of Love The Power of Love
Acrylic on fabric
200x200 cm.