Ska Paradise
Oil on canvas
270x180 cm.
Title : Ska Paradise

Early this year, I traveled to Koh Samed. I could remember one evening at Tub Tim beach that I used the stick drawing so many things on the sandy coast. It reminded me of last year when I was in Italy and got a chance to see so many sculptures from various eras. Taking a sight at these has made me realize how much persistence people of the old age devoted to the power of human which appeared in the faith in human's potential, represented through the sculpture of human with the perfectly idealistic beauty. My head wandered further that once human ever been respectively praised and got worldwide power. And comes to these days human, this isn't so different. While I was drawing on the sandy beach, occupied by the thought of those powerful sculptures, my mind was extremely weak. It was flooded with confusion, loneliness, pain and mournful and vague nervousness. lnside my mind is quite "unusual" since it always "repeats" in the same old stuffs that still lays in the bottom of my heart. Somehow, it's really hard to withdraw my mind from thinking about them. l didn't stop thinking about the heart felt beauty of those sculptures. Meanwhile, confusion and grief inside still moved on quietly destroying my feeling. I still continued drawing on the sandy beach, even the water would shed away my drawings time after time. Or the fascinating ideal appearing on greatest power of human always goes together with the weakness, hopeless and discourage. At that time, I just hoped to bring back some strength like when I was standing in front of the marble carving sculpture, Moses of Michael Angelo in Rome. Right... Even the marble carving sculpture; endurable and timeless is more worthy than the drawing on the sand; vulnerable and changeable depending on how the water molded....But both marble and sand are material Material that is waiting for human to "transfer" his power of emotion into...l would never dare to compare myself to the genius Michael Angelo. But my drawing on the sandy beach that may look worthless was now being erased by the water, as my tears was being shed away at the same time

Wutigorn Kongka
September 2002

Stone Roses
Oil on canvas
200x150 cm.
Title : Stone Roses

Title : The Dolls The Dolls
Oil on canvas
80x100 cm.