As human beings, we got to live our lives in the community where we would experience
many stories along the way either good or bad, either happy or sad. Ourselves would be
changed according to those stimulations around us. Sometimes we are forced to do things we don't want to, just because it's something necessary. It happens everyday over again in regular basis. This is a common part of life If we want, we could find another part of life that we could give ourselves a time it's kind of real private life. Get back into the room and do whatever we want to do shout out... make a silent prayer or dream of somebody even drift down into your soul express your feelings stay out of your mind or go wild feel romantic think of flowers, tides or wind or even pause yourself and watch the days go by because our imaginations could drive us to do anything. This part of life is so delightful, it seems like giving yourselves time and space to reveal something deep done inside freely.