Title : The Evenness, 2002Pakamas Suwannipa
The Evenness, 2002
Wood cut and reed mat
38 x 38 x 250 cm.
Creation art works in any method, inconsidered valudble.The important thing is that you have to be able to convey the feeling, thought and imagination, through that work. My work is about the feeling of the women which is representative in telling the differences and changing condition in the mind which is to arouse the outside world. The secret power in the Natural medium is used as a symbol of gender and 1 believed that nature and humans are all creatures. So it can be compared to the movement between reality and abstract. Thoughts and processes which are beneficial to one another is on going.
The angle of my work is expanded by realizing more about the importance of the environment. Learning new things mixed with the experiences and believes stimulate me to continue my art works. I have developed another series of work by applying methods to express myself more clearly. The mental effect from differences in environment are inspiring me to work in many ways. Nature has both utility and spiritual values, it can be destroyed by the hands of man and nature itself.