I believe in the expression of form, mind, spirit and feeling.

Some things cannot be expressed with the figurative form - they can't be seen by the human eye.

We need art to explain these things. The creation of art is special to humans.

To express spirit and create art, we need experience and to study to obtain knowledge both self-study and formal education. Practice is most important. We need to know and to do. When we follow this path, we can eventually express our ideas through art.

Art is also dependent on each person's experience, environment, society and acceptance of the forces of nature. The feelings, thoughts and individual character of each artist combine in different ways.

Culture, beliefs and faith are aspects of our environment. They are always with us, all around us all the time. They stick inside us, inside our minds. They are always part of our lives, from the time we are children right through adulthood. They develop over time and they deeply influence the mind. They have affected the creation of my artwork.

My approach to art directly addresses the environment and ways of nature-the things around us and the forces of nature. The incredible beauty and creative powers of nature inspire me.