Exhibition : Rapport Exhibition : Rapport

Exhibition Background : two Minds = one Work
two Artists = one Rapport

Rapport relates to the unique collaborative process between
thaiwijit Puengkasemsomboon and somyot Hananuntasuk,
known mainly for their abstract work. Sharing a common
interest in vision and inspiration, the artists worked together
and experimented with each other's compositions since last year
and have continuously been doing so for the exhibition.

Rapport aims to explore three components of artistic process
shared between the two artists and of their own. It reflects on
inter-relational experience, based on the interpretation and
re-interpretations of the images produced in the artworks.

The first component comprises of their individual works.
For Thaiwijt, they are large paintings that were completed
when the artist undertook a residency at the Atelier im
Paimenhaus in Feldafing, Germany during the fall of 2002.
For Somyot, who is based in Munich for more than 30 years,
there are his recent paintings produced during the duration of
this collaboration.

The process for the second component took place during the
residency when both artists painted spontaneously on each
other's composition in sequence, with each supplementing the
previous one. They both equally monopolise the texture and form
of their expressions under one canvas. In the end, 8 paintings
were completed and the end results reflected a nature in which
the artists accept the individuality of each other with openness
and shared inspiration.

Unlike the previous situation where both worked closely under
one studio in Feldafing, the third and final component is
a process which both send artworks to each other via airmail to
develop and re-develop. The apparent distant create a different
spontaneity and possibility in that there is no'comfort zone' where
the artists can be in a position to comment immediately before or
right after the process has started. The artists went on to work
on their received artwork, creating from it a new piece. There is
a lot more of the improvised element of 'play' involved. We can
witness overlapping of pieces, recycled materials juxtapose with
new ones and the final results are in different forms of diptychs,
triptychs and multi-layered pieces.

Throughout the collaboration, the constant dialogue that passes
between the artists evolves naturally, and this merge of identities
is transferred to the work. Thus, the exchange here challenges
both artist's individual ebb and flow of ideas, which in turn,
evokes questions of signature, style and self, which ultimately
lead us into the notion of the mutable nature in artistic identity