Baisema, 2002
Baisema, 2002, Handmade paper, 71 x 119 cm.


Project Titled : Thai Spiritual Ties

Dharma, natural and freedom originated to the human - being's equilibrium in mind in the amidst of confused and impermanent world.

"Creation" signify to the transmittal of life experience and the reflection of Buddhism knowledge as all my belief and profound confidence in Buddhism religion ; its gives assistance to mankind's spirit, in the same way, it also caused to have consciousness, wisdom and transquility. Therefore, this creation bases on purpose of reciprocating the peacefulness and concentration of mind and being on the alert into the movable transformation. It is realized that "artwork" means to connection and communication and present in the pattern of various symbols and record the events of religion and Thai tradition in the technique of etching and handmade paper.

I sincerely intend to transmit that the technique and methodology are only the tool of presentation but the different kind of technique actually leads to the imagination and development in creation. However, after I try to work on etching in several years, later in year 1991, 1 prefer to create my artwork as the theme of "Thai Spiritual Ties" in the techniques of handmade paper and modelled a figure of Say Mah, wheel of the law, foot - print of the Buddha, lotus, and the outer line of streblus aper (Koy) book as the meaning of dilapidation and impermanence.

After my experiment in art creation, I accidentally discovered and analysed that the techniques of spining and modelling handmade paper are without difference when one are compared with etching method. As my own vision, the change of method and technique refer to the strategy and stimulus that make me joyful under the unfamiliar condition including also lead to automatically solve confronting problem,

However, my creation will continually present by not less than 10 pieces under the theme of "Thai Spiritual Ties" as the different techniques of etching and handmade paper but having the same concept and integrity.