All humans live with independent attitude and our attitude effected in our expression and character. Meanwhile, expression and acting of a person dominate particular attitude. Having attitude enables a person to adjust oneself pleasingly into complicated environment. The diversity of religions, culture etc. of human being is chiefly resulted from the difference of attitude of clans and individual person. All metamorphoses that occur to us are the outcome of the changing of viewpoint from the requirement and internalized attitudes of each person. As human beings embrace with different attitude, varieties of ideas and creativity formed. There is various ways for a person to show one's disposition. This assortment is influenced widely in the essence, style, presentation, etc. Regardless any attitude inhabits within a person, his/her expression is the reflection of opinion, viewpoint, imagination, idea, perspective, conception, notion, thought, understanding, standpoint, intention, agreement, response, belief, confidence, etc.

Jiradej Meemalai Auther