I've always pondered why I've created the work of arts. Certainly it is not for bread or sustention because I'm a freelance sculptor and teach sculpture classes at home. This is sufficient for living, Neither it is to publicize myself which is not who I am who work hard and talk less. It is most uncomfortable for me to see anyone who would promote oneself. Not because my arts are more superior to others but on contrary I've always thought of my works as imperfect. My creative ideas are strength forward simple and out-dated. This is also not to draw public attention to a humble manner that I consider as a psychiatric problem which I surely am not.

Some gurus compared artist to pregnant woman in labor. No matter how tired he is, the work must be done in time and exhibited with no excuses. My works simply express a sincere and true feeling of what touched my mind and my life from the past to present. Some people might feel that my suffering theme for arts is depressing but for myself, I've created theme from the depth of my being. Nonetheless, at the completion of works, they really brought so much pleasure that I can't possibly keep them to myself but must share them with others.

The favorite theme that draws my interest in creating arts works is human selfishness and greed with them from human lack of compassion. I'm confident that I've not overstated this. In fact human nature is more or less selfish and greedy (except for the religious people) but fortunately controlled by conscience, conscious and moral. Human lack of compassionate heart might seem insignificant but actually it is the root of problems from the smallest society up to global level, impoverishing our world with vicious circle of poverty and cruelty.

As for me, art is necessary because the works are not pretense or disguise or receive from others but they are results of direct experience that hit my lifestyle strongly. It could be that theses experiences spark a creative idea in my art. It is difficult to express them in word or writing and therefore, my art has become the most appropriate medium of expression for my situation.

Finally, with hard work, perseverance, sincerity and little wisdom, which may have been viewed as nonsense, worthless, ridiculous effort by others, my work of art could not possibly have been completed without valuable supporters and all who appreciate what I've done. I hereby express my deep gratitude and I've no way to reciprocate except for the spiritual pleasure my work of arts would bring.

Manop Suwanpinta