As I woke up one morning, three crows flew into my bedroom, having lost their way. They screamed and scrseeched round the and about... Gaaah! Gaaahl Gaaahl Gaaahl ... Gaaah! I became very frightened and agitated. Moments later they departed, leaving me standing motionless.... startled'. confused... and terrified. Could it be that a mishap is awaiting me today? I left home with a heart full of anxiety. Never a moment did I feel self-assured. Days gone by, yet I felt as if "IT" was still shadowing me everywhere. I visited temples hoping that this would somehow help soothe my troubled soul. I paused to ponder... What caused the commotion? Why had I lost my disposition? What is reigning over my sensibility?

Still a human being imbued with desire and craving...
Yearning for things to satisfy my heart and body...
Craving for all sorts of sense-appealing things...
Not to mention enjoyment in carnal knowledge and beauty of the opposite sex
Still... etc., etc.
At times the consequences are ecstatic.
At other times they are all sufferings.
Desire and Craving dwell by nature in all human beings... They are a part of us all.
So if we cannot escape from them, we must find a way to coexist with them... aesthetically and in balance.